Mentoring Programme

How does it work?

Before each phase of the programme, notices are sent to members of this network with the deadline for enrolments. Once enrolments have been made the form is closed and pairings made.

This is the start of the mentoring phase and learning activities for both the Mentors and Mentees. Find out more about how it works by watching or reading:

  1. Video with audio (5 minutes)
  2. Video without audio (1:30 minutes)
  3. FAQs document

During the enrolment period for an upcomping Mentoring phase, the link to the enrolment form will be open.

At the end of each Mentoring phase, participants are requested to give their comments on this feedback form. Outcomes are then collected and used to feed into the improvements for the programme overall. To see the anonymised feedback made, have a look at Phase 1 - 2017 - summary of comments.

For questions or more information, contact Gillian Shaw, the Mentoring Coordinator.